Thursday, August 24, 2006

baby medicine & meth heads

i went to the local pharmacy yesterday to get 3 tubes of medicine for my 20-month old miles due to a stuffed nose and cough .. as i went to pay for my goods, i was told that i would have to show my driver's license and sign for this over the counter goop .. after that, they said that i was buying too much and that they wouldn't sell it to me .. i quickly told the clerk that i would gladly bring my son up to the shop to demonstrate my need and that it was sily to do this .. at that, she whispered the following: 'don't tell anybody i did this'. following that, she explained that due to a new law cracking down on meth heads buying over the counter meds that all this nonsense has to happen .. it was probably the stupidest thing i have ever been through in my life .. so, you can rid the notion that a simple law won't effect you or yours and in this day and age you are dead wrong .. cheers, joe d.

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