Wednesday, September 13, 2006

the commissioned lightning rod

sometimes i just never learn .. i have officially been through the 'z to a' effect in producing work for others .. it's a very, very difficult job .. of anything i have ever had to do in regards to completing a job, getting a fully satisfied art customer is extremely hard .. recently, i went through a huge series of hallways with a customer after they 'loved' the painting i delieverd .. so, again, i come full circle to the commissioned artwork thing and have decided that it just isn't my thing .. if it's a sure fire, no worries or micro managing, i can do it .. but, it's just not my fancy .. the key to the commissioned artwork for the customer is to realize that you have to give it time to settle into your room and mind, along with never losing sight of the original notion of wanting a particular artist's work .. it really is that simple when you stop and think about it .. good night, joe d.

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