Sunday, September 03, 2006

first first friday

went down to the first friday for the first time in a long, long time with my wife and was impressed by some work down there .. but, there was a thought i had after walking away at the end of the night .. first of all, there used to be free wine in all galleries, and now you cannot find an ATM, a gulp of free drink or a smidge of good restaurants with open air porticos .. overall though, i see the cookie cutter mold of these gallery shows .. the herd mentaility is alive, no matter how good the stuff is .. it's all packaged the same and comes off in the same mold .. it's that whole principle that if you hate the yuppies you become a goth and when you are a goth you have a standard of being a goth that is cookie cutter and unoriginal .. same as with the yuppies .. my point is that the lack of originality is not very refreshing .. i want the originality .. that's all .. cheers, joe d.

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