Friday, November 03, 2006

koi show is hung

thanks to the kato for helpin' me hang the newly sprung november show at the blue koi .. the owner is happy and we are to .. it's a good looking ensamble and nice to see the window series up in full glory back on the friendly confines of the 39th street district .. first and foremost, i want to thank my lovely caroline for coming up with the window frame idea .. these pieces look real nice up against the sky blue wall .. and again, it takes a lot of work to curate and hang these shows .. almost harder than creating the piece to begin with .. between wires, positioning, measuring, plotting, moving, teetering on ladders - it's an insurance risk .. but, the bound enjoyment after the sweat has settled into the cotton is enormous .. click here to see this newest show and thanks for your continued support .. cheers -

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