Thursday, December 21, 2006

my finest legal hanging ever

my sincere thanks go out to mr. west, sir david oliver and the entire crew on the 12th floor @ the B.O.W.S.E law firm .. not only did i hang most of my 'framed and polished' collection in their fine quarters, i ran into old friends that partook in the photo.paint venture via sales through other shows in '06 .. i really enjoyed sarah shaw's kid art .. i never felt quite right about the 'kill lobster' sale to sir david until i had the chance to view the work in it's natural environment and finalize the dried paint with a autograph on the back .. i'm glad to have an art home in a quality suite downtown looking over our fair city .. keep up the good work over there at the firm and we hope to run into you over a cocktail and laugh very soon .. my best .. joed.

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