Wednesday, January 24, 2007

running towards edges

it's been damned busy lately .. yesterday, cerner graciously escorted the kato and i through the space that will have my artwork starting february one and going through april .. on the other hand, i will be taking down my work at BOWSE law firm on monday jan. 29th .. it has been too short, but delightful to be hanging in my friend mr. west's law firm .. on other fronts, my traveling artwork project is off and going .. i am in omaha, nebraska and should be in las vegas by the weekend .. others are signing up .. things are moving well .. also, i have made enough acrylic paint flecks to have my first official paint ball .. zen boy is gonna construct this .. also, i found a trove of old windows in a yard today and will unravel another window series .. keep your eyes open, it moves damned fast .. cheers ..

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