Friday, February 09, 2007

the danger of adhesives

in the early years of my painting jaunts, i had a real hard time with adhesives .. putting nails through canvasses and other surfaces have later come to cut my fingers to bits .. at one point, i was trying to melt crayon wax onto a canvass that already contained a nice amount of flamable glue and lit the entire canvass on fire .. the flames licked up high and i was on carpeting covered with newsprint .. as i beat the canvass to put the fire out, my hand caught fire and the fire did not change it's conjecture .. in my panic, i continued to beat the canvass until the fire went out .. the result was a pretty badly burnt hand and a near insurance disaster in a home i didn't own .. the morale of this story, is that i now use gorilla glue, good screws and never mince fire with a creation i want to concoct .. cheers ..

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