Friday, September 21, 2007

Healing 9-11-01 Via Art

My loverly wife Caroline had a very profound notion the other night about all of my cityscape paintings I have been doing lately .. she said it was my way of coping or healing after 9-11 and she's very right .. I wouldn't have ever consciously jumped into window frame scenes with city scapes as some healing mechanism to that day that likely scarred us all in ways our subconscious won't full let on about .. but, maybe I found the healthiest way my brain could find to come to that grand healing conclusion about a damned bad day around this country .. but, I was actually in Venice, Italy that day and didn't get home until a week later .. but, the pangs hit me in a very profound, yet different way .. at any rate, it was a good assessment of a nice series .. cheers ..

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