Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Angry Foot Painting

Years back, I lived in a house in Midtown that had a whole yard of angry stickers that would kill your feet if they found your skin on a barefoot day. This happened quite a bit to me. I made a painting to eulogize all that blood that hung in the lobby of that house. It went to a good friend that lived across the hall .. Mr. Chad Parks .. Enjoy ..


Chad said...

Dear Joseph,
This foot is living in Portland, OR in my kitchen. It's still so angry at all those little yard mutilators. I understand. How are you?

Joe Dimino Photo.Paint said...

Get outta town, Dr. Parks. Er, you are outta town, my man. I was wonderin' where in the wide world of sports you landed .. fire me an email and let's figure out the rest of this life shit .. cheersir .