Monday, June 11, 2012

Coolest Note ...

as you know the 'lady with the red lips' is hanging in my bathroom, everyday i do gemma's hair she stands on the potty and looks at the lady. she traces her red lips and pretends to be fixing her hair, she talks and signs to her - we discuss what she does during the day and how she likes to be in the bathroom with all the makeup and hair stuff. gemma stood pondering the lady with the red lips and told me that she knows how to draw eye's and noses. 'mom, i can draw her eyes and nose. she could see me and smell my smell good stuff!' she said. 'let me get my marker and i'll get her set up!' i told her that mr joe made this for mommy and it's one of mommy's favorites. she agree's. but, 'the lady needs the rest of her face.' - i told her that we should talk to mr joe about possibly making some additions to a painting. that he would probably be okay with it, but maybe we should have mr joe help you (her) with the addition using paints. she seems to think that's a good compromise and will be calling you. please expect a call from a 4 year old who wants to give the lady the rest of her face.

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