Wednesday, August 16, 2006

beware of art meetings

went to the second art meeting/session as a part of a local artist's organization and it was a time sucker. about 20 years younger than most in the crowd, very sedate, low comedy and generally stale, it was a sucker punch. i paid fifty bucks to have this group get me a piece of a show in a hospital and my wares into their gift shop - thus far, nothing has happened. i thought i would like sipping coffee in the basement of a hospital with a bunch of folks older and wiser than myslef, but it hasn't gone that way. i wasnt' expecting huge jugs of wine, glasses breaking, public necking and the like - but something more than a sedate crowd listening to monotone speakers announcing the haps. just be careful when you decide to join clubs, organizations and packs of anonymous strangers wanting dues for your attendance. it's a dumb idea and i have been sizzled my good intentions. join a family or make a family instead. it's probably more expensive, but you won't feel like such a dummy. or maybe you will? bye bye, joe d.

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