Tuesday, August 15, 2006

tale of multiple dimino's

originally, i wanted to use 'www.dimino.com' for my web home, but quickly saw it was taken by a dude named andrew s. dimino. over the years, i have peeled through his pages wondering what this andrew character is all about. his last, and most recent update to his web, was from 2004 with a photo album of his marriage to a girl named virginia in vegas. i'm still wondering how these 2 met and possibly how much the courtship has cost. hop over for some good, clean fun.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

that virginia dimino is a hooker and a bitch.. hahahaha i pity andrew.. way back in her country, she f*** d up up with different guys and her family disowned her.. she use milked up andrew with all his money and spend it lavishly with any guy she fancies.. until now... regardless if that guy has family or none. .she doesnt care.. she is a home wrecker. my sister is a victim of her... i just pray andrew would one day realized and dump her peniless.