Wednesday, September 27, 2006

moon property & adopted penguin

my very delightful & inventive mother-in-law recently secured me an adopted magellanic penguin named po po mo jr. .. the penguin's name is a clone of the nickname i had as a kid growing up in the dimino household .. this fine specimine is living in the southern section of south america .. it's a cool gift and this penguin has found a good home .. along this same line, i got a hunk of moon property from dennis hope online about 10 years ago .. if things continue to go as they are in this volatile world of ours, i may have to buy a shuttle ticket, scoop up the family, fetch my penguin and blast off towards my lunar acre and live in zero gravity luxury .. i have attached a picture replica of my adopted penguin and here is a link to the lunar embassy in case you want to buy land on the moon or any of the other solar system planets - The Lunar Embassy - good luck space cadets - joe d.

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