Monday, September 25, 2006

'in' at the 'Un' Plaza Art Flair

finished the first full art fair in my young art career and it was a very cool experience .. after all the work, loading, unloading, logistics and such, it was refreshing to see all the faces peer through my artwork on several tables and easels .. the weather was perfect and the crowd was quite impressive for the companion to the enormous plaza art fair .. and the crowd was very cool .. there was not one snide individual that paroozed through the grass aisles of my tent .. there were some people that were completely perplexed by my work, but that's commonplace with a portion of my pieces .. the fan favorites were the assemblage pieces that had a stack of plastic army guys hoisting weaponry at a plastic spider and plastic pool shark head .. the shark head sold on Saturday, while the spider came home with me .. almost sold it in the last 10 minutes on Sunday, but no go .. overall, it was a very nice 'first time art fair' experience and i want to extend my thanks to everyone that helped, paroozed, purchased, gawked, loaded, unloaded, babysat, enjoyed and mingled .. click here for more pics .. until next year, keep up the good work - joe d.

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