Monday, September 18, 2006

ray j. and bathroom art

was listening to the newest chuck pahlinuik book 'haunted' and heard an excerpt about how bathroom art in art galleries is a big thing .. or has been in the past .. it's interesting, and hell, you really wanna get into a gallery it could be the best way to do it .. but, the story reminded me of the pop artist ray johnson .. my wife and i saw a documentary on him some months back and it was burned into my brain .. probably one of the best documentaries on a person that i have ever seen .. roy was a completely insane man that mailed sketches and artwork to people all over the globe .. he's called 'the father of mail art' .. his was work was intricate, prolific and completely memorable .. the movie was called 'how to draw a bunny' .. click here for more details - click here for a site on him .. enjoy, joe d.

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