Friday, September 22, 2006

the starving artist quandry

just secured my tent for this weekend's unplaza art fair and again realized how hard it is to self-promote yourself as an artist .. sure, once the stuff is hung and everyone begins looking over the pieces, that exhaustion fades away, but there are many moments that i wonder what exactly am i doing .. sure, overall this is a long process when you are involved in any branch of the arts, but when it really eats away at your family time and personal time, it starts to knaw some .. i now know why many people have hung it up over the years .. creating artwork of any kind takes persistence and and stanuch belief in what you do .. if that can be maintained, the artwork and sales can prosper over time .. sure, i started out this jaunt in painting/photography without any money in mind - and still do - but there becomes a point that the melding of financial and personal motivations cross at the proverbial railroad track for a well rounded feeling of satisfaction .. this train is firing away forward towards that mark .. look forward to seeing you at the fair this weekend on the grounds the all souls/unitarian church & 4501 Walnut in KCMO from 10-6 on Saturday and 12-5 on Sunday .. cheers, joe d.

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