Wednesday, August 09, 2006

August Podcast

the time has come for a new podcast on the site .. it's brimming with all the newness of the photo.paint cooperative .. from shows, to media links, to a litany of surprises .. click here to check it out: - and remember, we like your walls and have plans for your walls .. good night and better luck .. cheers, joe d.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

frame carefully, yet with style

i have noticed while out and in the public lately that there are some good pieces of art hanging, but the frames are horrible. i have seen this at both a bar and hospital. just bad materials and coloring for the frames. this is almost as important as the painting itself. i never realized this until i started taking the venue of framing my own stuff seriously. you have to put some solid thought into this activity. if it doesn't make sense or there is any confusion, pull away. period. no looking back. if it make sense - carry on like the brave kid you are. because the eyes await your decision and anything dummy is going to corode a good piece - do you really want your life to come to this? good luck out there kids, and i'm here to help - cheers .. joe d.

Monday, August 07, 2006

something political

a friend told me over the weekend that he was talking to a veteran of both iraqi wars and said very soon that the US would become a militarized state - in other words, the draft is going to be reinstated and the prospects of '1984' rining true is going to be a distinct possibility. he told me this as we were going up the elevator to an ACLU auction. at this point in our nation's history, an organization like the ACLU is absolutely necessary to prevent further damage to personal liberties and to throw our collective weight against a nightmarish scenario in this country. so, go ahead and support progressive causes that will hopefully further some solid political good. cheers, joe d.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Crank Calls & Silent Auctions

got a couple of crank calls from some teen kids the other day .. they think photo.paint sucks .. let them know if you think otherwise .. they can be contacted at 816.588.9080 - they may ask about your mother and genitals, but after that's out of the way you'll have a delightfully vapid converse .. went to the ACLU art auction last evening and I had a piece up for bid: 'Jazz Man' .. last I saw, it didn't sell .. but the crab cakes were completely delightful .. cheers .. joe d.