Tuesday, June 12, 2007

American Skyline

a new window pane painting has been finished and posted .. getting all the pieces polished for the upcoming coffee girls show .. that show will be on the first friday in july - the 6th .. enjoy ..

Monday, June 11, 2007

Post TV Thoughts

i told my loverly wife caroline before this TV interview that my perception of what was going to happen and what was to actually happen was going to be huge .. and it was .. i thought i was going to interviewed on my 'photo.paint travel' bit, but it turned out that i was being interviewed about my upcoming coffee girls show and my youngest son miles .. i ended up taking control of the interview and it all turned out to be good publicity .. also, i got yelled at a bit by the producer for missing my pre-interview bit .. this was becuase she was poor at communicating exactly where I needed to be .. those poor people in network news are so nasty, overworked, under-paid and waiting for the big 'paris' dream to fall into their laps .. it's hard to talk to them about their reactions - but, it all happened .. click here for a rather low rent look at the interview and a cleaner copy will be done soon .. thanks again for everyone's continued support ..