Thursday, January 18, 2007

painting donations traveling

in an attempt to spread the photo.paint project, rid my life of an excess of dormant paintings and to give a bit back to the world, i'm starting place paintings out there around town .. in addition, i will be giving paintings to friends and such that are traveling so that they can get the photo.paint body of work out there more .. if you are interested and traveling soon, let me know and i'll get a piece to you .. cheers ..

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

musing with mona lisa

i came across a lopsided pic of me in the lourve waiting in front of a hourde of folks to see the mona lisa behind it's enourmous sheath of bullet proof glass .. i never got too close to this painting, but the whole thing was much small than i originally thought .. much smaller .. and there were way, way too many people clamored into this room .. i wonder how many eyes have viewed the world's most famous painting .. anyways, it was nostalgic, but nothing as cool as the sistine chapel or a real dali up close .. cheers ..