Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Travel Paints in Hawaii

I am A Friend of Dan's Here on Kauai. I Wanted to let you know that I am A PROUD owner of one of your paintings:) I love my painting it is beautifle and Abstract, Just my Style! Thanks so Much. Heidi

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

iowa travelin' home

my trusted confidant, inspector beaudoin, deposited several of my paintings up at a ball field in iowa during some rock and roll shows .. here's his report:

Hey man,
Your art has now traveled to Des Moines, Iowa and Principal Park. In the first picture, I posed your piece of art near an empty Iowa Cubs kiosk. In the second, we use the Jumbo Tron as a backdrop. I dropped off your piece in left field GA during the first show, Collective Soul. By the time Third Eye Blind came on, it was gone....hopefully in the hands of someone not gouging their eyes out because Third Eye Blind was playing.

This is just the beginning, Joe.

Just the beginning - jfb