Friday, November 17, 2006

anti-modern art teacher

was having a chat with an elementary art school teacher today and she mentioned that modern art is dumb, stupid and distracting .. so, as i worked on her computer i neglected to mention anything about my modern artwrok .. we're off to the accessible arts auction tonight .. come out and buy all my stuff .. (please?) - nighty-night

Monday, November 13, 2006

informal opening and auction action

the friday night affair at the blue koi turned into gilhouly's and was A+ - good work to everyone that showed, drank and laughed .. got a phone call on saturday from an individual interested in buying one of the pieces .. so, we'll wait and see what happens .. yesterday was slated to be the day of the KCPT art auction and i didn't see anything about an auction in the eve .. so, we'll see on that as well .. i have posted within a picture from the window of the blue koi of the window series - cheers