Thursday, December 21, 2006

my finest legal hanging ever

my sincere thanks go out to mr. west, sir david oliver and the entire crew on the 12th floor @ the B.O.W.S.E law firm .. not only did i hang most of my 'framed and polished' collection in their fine quarters, i ran into old friends that partook in the photo.paint venture via sales through other shows in '06 .. i really enjoyed sarah shaw's kid art .. i never felt quite right about the 'kill lobster' sale to sir david until i had the chance to view the work in it's natural environment and finalize the dried paint with a autograph on the back .. i'm glad to have an art home in a quality suite downtown looking over our fair city .. keep up the good work over there at the firm and we hope to run into you over a cocktail and laugh very soon .. my best .. joed.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

video pod review of 2006

the year that was is almost gone and i wanted to throw together a video pod looking at what happened .. and to throw props out to everyone for supporting the 'photo.paint' venture .. click here to view the whole video pod .. things will keep on movin' into 2007, so keep you eyes open and try to slip gracefully on the ice .. cheers ..