Friday, October 06, 2006

@ now with anew thoughts

was thumbing through the pages of the 'best of .. ' in the pitch weekly for this past year and feel completely out of touch .. i noticed that tom deathrage of the 'late show' won an award for his home/gallery set-up .. well deserved for the craziest man raving about the kc scene .. stop by and check his shop out downtown .. i don't know his address, but if you stop around 8th street and listen for the strange sound in the background, just follow it and you'll get there .. more importantly, i ran into a very cool web site while jacking around a bit on the 'internets' .. the strokes have a nice set-up .. check it out: - that's all for now - joe d.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

who is buckethead?

that's all i got today .. seriously, he's some guitar guru dude that's in with axl rose and the innards of guitar squadron? come on, let me know .. i'll give you a hug .. bye, joe d.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

biggest art hoax i fell for

while cleaning up some emails off my machine the other day, i came across some for a program called 'CASH 4 BRASS' .. it was supposed to be a program where artists from around the world donated giclee reprints of their work with proceeds going towards replacing instrunments to musicians in new orleans .. it was a cool program that had a nice kick back, low overhead and a dude named 'GARCIA de San Juan' .. about a month after I sent over my hi-res images, their web site went off the radar .. the message said the following: 'you need to call accounts payable' .. and they didn't respond to their email address of '' .. before they pulled their tent poles out of the ground, they had a lot of committed artists on their web site .. now, the site was fairly cheesy, but i liked the cause and fell for it like all the other artists dotted around the globe .. as of press time, there has been no response and nothing in the way of recompensation from the 'con artits' .. i had signed on for a year contract, but they had a lot of my high res images and nothing to account for what these guys were up to .. it was so good, they forwarded on this radio interview with San Diego public radio about the launch of their kindred mission: Listen By Clicking Here .. it's all over now and my wondering will have to linger like a scattered line without end .. and how can you trust someone that spells their first name in ALL CAPS and sounds like a south american country .. it was worth a shot and i hope they send me an anonymous royalty check if something good befalls their illegal pandering of my imagery .. cheers, joe d.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

going across the US with Photo.Paint

about 6 months ago I spent some time trying to get into some other galleries around the US by sending out CD's to galleries .. here's a response I recently got below:

Thank you for sending the CD of your artwork for review. The work is very good but I do not think it is the right fit for Craighead Green Gallery. Good luck. Regards - Kenneth

gonna keep the candle flickered .. cheers ..

Monday, October 02, 2006

art in all our words

had a nice day off to find out what the hell happens during business hours .. and i was thinking briefly about where art is .. it's in plenty, but the following tugged my following: fart, chart, tart, BART (san francisco transit), dart, cart, heart, mart and part everything else .. diseect the words .. cheers, yes!