Friday, August 18, 2006

you're invited to the art party

once things slow some and our 20-month old miles isn't shoving everything down his gullet, we're gonna have a scene. i wanna rekindle the old days and get a huge 48" x 60" sturdy canvass for everyone to paint on. folks will take turns putting their colors on canvass. once it's finished, it will find a nice adopted home for hanging. also, wear your old white clothes and we'll dress them up in style. drive safe - joe d.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

beware of art meetings

went to the second art meeting/session as a part of a local artist's organization and it was a time sucker. about 20 years younger than most in the crowd, very sedate, low comedy and generally stale, it was a sucker punch. i paid fifty bucks to have this group get me a piece of a show in a hospital and my wares into their gift shop - thus far, nothing has happened. i thought i would like sipping coffee in the basement of a hospital with a bunch of folks older and wiser than myslef, but it hasn't gone that way. i wasnt' expecting huge jugs of wine, glasses breaking, public necking and the like - but something more than a sedate crowd listening to monotone speakers announcing the haps. just be careful when you decide to join clubs, organizations and packs of anonymous strangers wanting dues for your attendance. it's a dumb idea and i have been sizzled my good intentions. join a family or make a family instead. it's probably more expensive, but you won't feel like such a dummy. or maybe you will? bye bye, joe d.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

tale of multiple dimino's

originally, i wanted to use '' for my web home, but quickly saw it was taken by a dude named andrew s. dimino. over the years, i have peeled through his pages wondering what this andrew character is all about. his last, and most recent update to his web, was from 2004 with a photo album of his marriage to a girl named virginia in vegas. i'm still wondering how these 2 met and possibly how much the courtship has cost. hop over for some good, clean fun.

Monday, August 14, 2006

doctors these days & the art they need

i've seen more doctors over the last two years than i have my entire life. from my own health, to those of my kids, and my faith in medicine is ambivalent at best. the lack of time they spend with you, the lengths to extract payment, and the complete disregard for waiting times is absurd. so, the only thing i want out of these guys are better art on their walls. that's where i come into the picture. if you know any ailing practice that could use some good, colorful artwork to brighten a patient's life, forward my web address. i'll thank you for it.