Saturday, February 10, 2007

New Video Log: Kansas City, KS

a new video log was flimed in the old sweetness of kansas city, kansas .. to enjoy, click here .. also, we are planning care packages to baltimore and north carolina this very week .. as the red dot grows .. enjoy ..

Friday, February 09, 2007

finders keepers?

one of the coolest oddities to happen out of this new 'travel' project is one particular drop off to a now defunct business .. the business is called 'finders keepers' and it's in martin city .. guess the place is closed down for good becuase every time i drive by i still see my painting leaning against their now vacant front doors .. it didn't look out of business because most of the town that is working and alive looks tranquil and out of business .. and sometimes i think i should scoop it back up and instantly pause and realize it's way too classic to fetch it back .. come on - the it's all in the name ..

the danger of adhesives

in the early years of my painting jaunts, i had a real hard time with adhesives .. putting nails through canvasses and other surfaces have later come to cut my fingers to bits .. at one point, i was trying to melt crayon wax onto a canvass that already contained a nice amount of flamable glue and lit the entire canvass on fire .. the flames licked up high and i was on carpeting covered with newsprint .. as i beat the canvass to put the fire out, my hand caught fire and the fire did not change it's conjecture .. in my panic, i continued to beat the canvass until the fire went out .. the result was a pretty badly burnt hand and a near insurance disaster in a home i didn't own .. the morale of this story, is that i now use gorilla glue, good screws and never mince fire with a creation i want to concoct .. cheers ..

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

new orleans in sketch

my father in law,, recently gave carrie and i some cool sketches from a client of his down in new orleans .. they were from the 60's and his client happened to be a local artist that sent him some composite sketches of landmarks in new orleans .. the originals are in our possession and the dude's name was e. garic .. i had no luck doing a google on him, but these prove he knew what was going on .. cheers ..

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

final paint home of moby

recently, i had the opportunity to see the final resting space of my 'moby' ticket stub piece .. it's at the BOWSE law firm and it looked rather nice in it's locale .. always nice to see your work in the new home after it's purchase .. and if you all have any of my work in your homes - take a picture and send it on over for public display .. cheers ..

Monday, February 05, 2007

the finger finds a good home

at long last, nearly 9 years in the making, and the painting simply known as 'the finger' is sold to mr. david oliver .. it's in a cleverly decorated office looking over the sprawling buildings of kansas city .. i very happy at it's final destination and wish mr. oliver a good life with a painting that was pondered for possible purchase many, many times over throughout the years .. enjoy ..

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Traveling Through Martin City and Kansas

this weekend, we littered the travel photo.paint project through martin city and overland park .. i haven't officially gotten a response back on the drops so far, but if there are silent voices that dig the work, that's fine .. it will continue .. new cities each week .. and as the days pass, you just may be next .. cheers ..