Saturday, February 17, 2007

the project roll

what's going on lately .. ? i'm currently using used wood from a reconstruction process at the st. catherin'es catholic church up the street to make some artwork with crosses as a central theme for an upcoming auction .. each one will have a gold cross against a dreamy blue backdrop with a photo of the church or statutary on the back .. also, i'm getting the whole performance art thing set up with the actual blowing up of a piece of artwork .. this will become a video stroy and will be posted after it's mixed down .. continuing the photo.paint travel project and a new window series will be started very soon .. there also might be a thing at cerner with a walk through and such .. cheers ..

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

summertime paint livin'

on a recent visit to mark and jen's place, i snapped a picture of some paintings hanging in their place .. they are fans of the photo.paint and it looks swell in their abode .. they got a stack of paintings to keep the photo.paint travel project going .. towards the home of walt disney, down south and to fullerton, california .. enjoy the blizzard drifts of snow, kids ..

Monday, February 12, 2007

cold morning paint globs

the frigid weather lately hasn't kept me from the garage studio .. in fact, i have gotten to the point where i dig the hot thermous of coffee and heater under the cold thud of heavy air .. after the 10 minutes of warming up to get feeling back into my fingers, i realize that the process of throwing the paints is much better than sleeping .. it's for the birds, you know .. cheers ..