Tuesday, March 13, 2007

kc in paints

i finally captured what i would consider a solid painting of the downtown kc skyline .. it's a part of the permanent private collection and we like it in a free frame courtesy of the grandview school distirct .. enjoy

the planet in the sky

the other morning on my way to work, i saw a sun that looked like a new planet had mushroomed into our galaxy .. it was so nice that i had to pull over immediately and try to get a good picture .. when i did, a motorcycle cop pulled up beside me and asked what i was doing .. i told him that i was taking a picture of the sun .. at that, he looked forward and said 'what sun' to the slowly shrinking miracle sun behind a cloud of gray .. and he said, 'oh, i see it. i thought you were taking a picture of my officer down there.' at that, i finally saw a motorcycle cop with swirling cherries and lamented that i didn't get a better shot of a sun that a digital picture would do no justice for .. cheers.