Thursday, May 31, 2007

Kid Art at Autism Clinic

this morning, i donated a stack of 'kid art' to the autism and behavioral therapy clinic i take miles to every thursday .. the idea is to laminate these and decorate the blank walls for the kids to smile a bit more .. these are my favorite sorts of donations .. good luck out there ..

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

taping the time lapse

been spending last weekend and this week filming quite extensively the stitching together of one Kansas City window painting .. from picking out the canvass, to sketching to painting .. it's coming together quite well .. I plan on hopping over to Moby's web site for some quality music to layer within the short film .. I'll post as soon as it's done .. by the way, i'm trying to get some slide film developed for a submittal i'm doing for the westport art fair and not having much luck .. these old school folks need to graduate to the 21st Century and leave the archaic and expesive slide film alone .. it's a completely uncool request these days to make folks spend 9 bucks for a roll of 24 and about 10 bucks to develop them, if you can find a photo mat that will do it .. let's graduate to 2007, judges .. bye bye .. joe