Friday, May 04, 2007

long week and one sign

it's been a hugely long week and i was fixing up loose ends .. not a lot of paints flying in the studio .. what did happen was .. : i painted a sign for miles' occupational therapists that says 'massage' with a bit of a pond flower at the end, got the mile's MRI pics/paintings framed, cleaned my studio up a bit, took down the cerner show and talked with a local reporter about the travel photo.paint project that will be profiled in print here in the next coupla weeks .. she is actually going to be a part of the venture when she takes a coupla my pieces to colorado - by the royal gorge - to drop some off and report on it .. in the meantime, a new travel photo.paint picture gallery is posted - click here to enjoy - and get some damned sleep, people .. joe

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

haggle for kc in paints

last night, several neighborhood fellas came by for a nip of drink and some laughs .. somehow, they ended up in our bedroom talking about a painting over kansas city from the kck riverside .. one of my better pieces .. they tried to barter the piece for beer, but i told them i didn't drink .. then, they said, 'why are you drinking that beer?' and i said, 'hmm, i forgot' .. sure, let me think up a quantity that would befit this piece and i'll get my receipt pad .. they left later forgetting they asked anything about anything .. i'm wondering through the dean morriarity style insanity of their talk if they even thought about making a valid bid .. cheers ..

Monday, April 30, 2007

skyline series

the tradition of skylines continue with a new one of chicago .. i'm going to do a series of window panes with newly strewn canvass as the weeks unravel .. enjoy the city out there and tip one back for me .. cheers ..