Thursday, October 12, 2006

paper foto fall

all this cold sunshine and fall color got me to buy an old 35 mm roll of 400 speed film the other day .. hard to stay indoors all day as the symphony of leaves fall collectively down without a lens eye to capture it .. STOP READING THIS & get out outside - - make a stack of leaves and throw your kid(s) or niece or nephew or the neighbor's kid smack in the center of that falling tree dust .. cheeeeers ..

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

waltzing toward the sistine chapel

while in rome back in 2000, i had the chance to parooze the vatican and the sistine chapel .. now, with these kinds of tourist jaunts, you want to get to the crux .. and to that end, i wanted a quick ushering to the sistine chapel to spend some time below the masterpiece .. it took an inordinate amount of time to actually get to the chapel because it's tucked in the back of all vatican art museums .. but, along the way, there were some amazing paintings and gallery rooms .. i had a hard time making my way to the chapel for enormity of art that was all over the walls leading up to the chapel .. take this link to view some of the work - Vatican Art Museums

Monday, October 09, 2006

a growing digitized dot

as i continue my pursuit to go completely digital, i realize that painting is one of the few things that will never be truly transposed into digital form from the inception .. later, some may be scanned or pictured and placed on the web, but it's one of the few things left that cannot be digitized from the beginning .. as i talked into a digital tape recorder on the way to work this morning, i waded through the enormity of our digital existence .. i really dig it, but it's all a bit sad that slips of paper, errant pieces of napkin and other tools of tangibility are leaving .. with the spirit of the pentax k1000 glaring me down .. in small ways, my tiny digitaized heart yearns for a real return to analog and it's gonna happen as soon as the digital seconds slow down some ..