Thursday, July 01, 2010

Kansas City Artists - BEWARE OF HADEN LOFTS

I don't like to use this blog forum to vent, but after three months of no response in regards to missing artwork at the Haden Loft's on 2109 Broadway in the KC Crossroads Arts District, I have to post a letter I sent to the owners. I have had no response at all and received a chilly reception on the phone multiple times from the owner Andrew after taking my show down to getting fair compensation for missing work. Be warned about the Haden Lofts operation. The letter is below:

April 9, 2010

Haden Lofts
Attention: Andrew Haden
2109 Grand
Kansas City, MO 64012

Dear Mr. Haden:

During early March, I came down to the 4th Floor hallway of your building to get 10 pieces of artwork that had been hanging on your premises for 9 months. While taking the artwork down, I had 4 pieces that were missing from my collection. The missing pieces were framed, 11” x 14” watercolors that were valued at $70.00 a piece. The total loss for all the artwork is $280.00.

Since the day I took my artwork down and gave you the tags of the pieces that went missing, I have contacted you approximately 4 times to find out what our next move was going to be in the return of my work or adequate compensation for loss. During those brief conversations in phone calls I made to you, I was told that you did not know where the pieces were and that you sent a note to residents asking if they knew anything. Since that last conversation on the afternoon of April 6th, 2010, I have not received news on my artwork.

As of today, there is either no artwork or compensation for the pieces that I have lost. This letter is being sent to you either requesting the return of my work or the remittance of $280.00 to fairly replace what is missing from my collection.