Friday, January 12, 2007

brand new easel

as a part of an anniversary gift from my loverly, i have a new easel - my first one in 11 years or so .. my old easel served me well and has been the only one that i had leading up to this one .. it was bittersweet getting rid of it, but it literally fell apart on me .. the easel is like a child or a dog - it has been around for so much and it's damned hard to let 'em go .. i chopped this one up and made some frames for canvasses .. i threw in a pic of the new easel and my first piece produced on this vertical apparatal ..

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

old studio space

back in the day when i was holed up in an apartment and would make due with the space i had - i made my studio .. it was always rather small and i got paint and smudge all over the place .. the best was when i had carpet .. the stains that needed to be removed off carpeting in the apartment off 11th street was greuling .. it's nice having a garage to spread out in - but, we are always looking for ways to upgrade as the for sale sign in the front yard weaves a bit .. cheers ..

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

artisitic irony

while on a drive down the highway from dropping my son off for the day, i was thinking about the grand artistic irony, which is this - the impulse to create a painting is much like the impulse potential buyers of my artwork have when they first approach me. i fully realize that the purchase of artwork is not a necessity and requires discretionary income. that said, most folks that say they will come back to me or think it over never do. so, the same impulse that makes me hurtle into a canvass is the same impulse that keeps that fickle buyer from buying a piece of art. i a rather majestic notion that keeps the wheels of art and commerce spinning in the harmony that is delicate. cheers ..