Friday, May 11, 2007

newphew art winner

my nephew, nick, won 1st prize in his entire school for a very cool sleek black sculpture he put together .. also, he won a 3rd prize for a replica of van gogh's starry night .. they are both quite impressive .. several times i have tried to sit down with nick and show him a thing or two, but he has it within him .. he's aiming for a career in the video game arts and he's on his way .. good work, sir .. cheers ..

Thursday, May 10, 2007

koi kash in a klip

went in today to pick up the last of my publicly displayed artwork at the blu koi .. while there, a manager handed me a wod of bills in a paper clip .. felt like i was involved with some underground bullshit as i slipped the wod into my front pocket .. it felt nice in that illegal, legal sort of way .. so, i'm officially hanging no where and am currently drumming up business .. keep your eyes open for new shows .. cheers ..

auction silence

haven't heard anything back from Our Lady of Peace School or KCPT on the most recent auctions that went by .. in the art world, no news is good news .. if you get a call, it's to pick up your stuff that didn't sell .. so, for those who own these new pieces and are reading this - hang the piece well and recommend my stuff to your enemies .. i'll gladly take their money and ensure they aren't as much a pain in the ass as they are now .. cheers ..

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

donkey art: jackass style

there's a donkey down the way here in grandview that the kids and i feed regularly .. his name is ebeneezer and months back i painted up a piece .. then, more recently, i met the owners, ben and victoria, to do a story on the donkey in a local publication .. click here to read the article - also, i just posted a video out there that is a compilation of the donkey's scream when we approach the fence to feed him .. click here to watch - that's our story and we're sticking to it .. other than the donkey, i'm trying to drum up some new shows for the rest of the year .. maybe in parkville, maybe in lawrence, maybe in a shop nearst you .. cheers, joe