Friday, October 20, 2006

leave with the leaves

gonna get some pics of the new window pieces here soon .. i really like the window frames as a framing option - cheap, cheerful, personal and can make any wall instantly have a window view .. i've attached a pic of my hand tossing leaves to get you in the fall mood .. i'm becoming a believer that if you live in the midwest that you should have several months off in the fall to catch up on the weather and your collective life .. here's to the falling embers of one of the coolest seasons going .. cheers ..

Thursday, October 19, 2006

new 7.07 show & unplaza video

hello kids .. the kato and i solidified a july 2007 show at the high traffic blue koi restaurant on 39th street .. it's one of the best eateries on the strip and should be a show full of sweat .. also, i have posted a new video on from the unplaza art fair submitted by our very own brother in action - tony carboni .. and it was much appreciated .. click here to watch - enjoy the spokes of new sunlight coming down out there .. not sure how long they're gonna last .. until next time - cheers ..

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

window painting world

gonna pitch a new show idea to a cool spot in the 39th Street district .. this is the 'european view' paintings that are in glassless window frames .. several are done and ready to be shown to the owner .. they came out just fine .. i really like the whole window idea of framing things .. really adds some character to the piece and ensures that every view from your window of choice is guaranteed each time .. from my window to yours - cheers, kids ..

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

gift shop cards & more auction action

got approval last week to put some photo. paint greeting cards up in the st. luke's south hospital gift shop .. this came after a clear letter to a local arts organization about not living up to their committment to get me a hanging at the hospital .. i'd rather do the cards anyways .. they are a buck apiece or 4 for $4 .. the plan is to drop them off this week .. also, i have just committed to donate my 'western auto' kansas city piece to KCPT for their upcoming holiday auction .. good luck out there ..