Sunday, December 31, 2006

reflection idea in the final '06 hours

i accidentally came across a photo i took years ago as a parody .. it was of an old friend that commissioned me to do a piece of work that he later refused to pay for and sent back my way in the back of my jeep .. as a result, i have learned much from the ado of commissioned work and the meaning of honest friendship .. it now proudly hangs in my living room and we have become quite fond of the piece .. alomst good it was sent back my way .. anyways, i wanted to post this pic for pure comic value - i can't figure out why he would have posed for such a shot, but on the is final day of 2006 it was befitting .. evolution is a nice thing .. cheers kids .. joe d.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

cork board marketing

in a huge world of marketing capacities, i find neighborhood cork boards in various shops as the easiest, yet most powerful forms of advertising .. i actually got one of my most successful shows last year by tacking a business card on a board in a local coffeehouse .. just a thought for the day - accompanied by one i tacked on a board recently - enjoy the grayness outside ..

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

fine piece of written art

the finest piece of written art i have seen in a long, long while can via our 8-year old penning his excitement on christmas morning .. doesn't really get any better than this .. good luck out there -

Thursday, December 21, 2006

my finest legal hanging ever

my sincere thanks go out to mr. west, sir david oliver and the entire crew on the 12th floor @ the B.O.W.S.E law firm .. not only did i hang most of my 'framed and polished' collection in their fine quarters, i ran into old friends that partook in the photo.paint venture via sales through other shows in '06 .. i really enjoyed sarah shaw's kid art .. i never felt quite right about the 'kill lobster' sale to sir david until i had the chance to view the work in it's natural environment and finalize the dried paint with a autograph on the back .. i'm glad to have an art home in a quality suite downtown looking over our fair city .. keep up the good work over there at the firm and we hope to run into you over a cocktail and laugh very soon .. my best .. joed.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

video pod review of 2006

the year that was is almost gone and i wanted to throw together a video pod looking at what happened .. and to throw props out to everyone for supporting the 'photo.paint' venture .. click here to view the whole video pod .. things will keep on movin' into 2007, so keep you eyes open and try to slip gracefully on the ice .. cheers ..

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

the lobster is in good hands

met with a good friend from the past, mr. west, and sold off the 'kill lobster' painting to him .. and i surveyed the offices of his law firm (Berkowitz Oliver Williams Shaw & Eisenbrandt LLP) downtown and will be doing an install shortly on a generous amount of wall space .. the show keeps on rolling through the streets of KC .. enjoy the mid-cold sun out there ..

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

coffee god accidental art

after stirring my coffee with a spoon at work i throw my spoon into a stack of filters and accidentally created the face of a coffee god .. i sold it off to a co-worker for a penny .. and here it is for the kids to see .. enjoy ..

Monday, December 11, 2006

loads of t-shirt designs

hello photo.paint heads .. got a nice forward to a web site chalk full of cool designs and such .. at one point, i was making some photo.paint t-shirts for the common public .. did one load for a music fest last year and would like to rekindle that flame .. in fact, if you would like any imagery on the site put on a tee and delivered, please indulge me .. i'm posting a nice design i got off this web tip from a friend .. it sure is shirt wearing weather out there .. cheers kids .. joe d.

Friday, December 08, 2006

showing at Cerner in 2007

got some good news in the snail mail box yesterday .. as a part of the KCMO Art's Council Business program, I will be exhibiting my work at Cerner Corporation from February to April 2007 .. that should be good times .. about 10 years ago I worked over there in that complex of Cerner buildings .. used to moonlight then with my art - it's gonna be nice to reunite with that building and colorize their walls .. enjoy the cold out there .. cheers ..

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

google cool art

if you feel fancy, go ahead and type in 'cool art' in google anf find some good stuff .. there is always a wealth of good art out there that will not be heralded and i try to do searches that will snatch out quality imagery and artists that deserve a good look .. try it .. the first link is very nice .. good luck on a cool, simple adventure ..

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

handy 'hi'

everything at this point is speculation .. there are irons in the fire brimming, but will be disclosed at a later date .. scanned my hand as a digital 'hello' and will post news as it comes through .. 2006 was a solid year - plan on getting together a year-end podcast to highlight everything that happened with some interview clips and such .. keep your ears perked for it .. and thanks to everyone for coming out to the blue koi show .. there are still 4 pieces up in the back of the restaurant .. may be a long-term fixture in the establishment .. cheers ..

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

rockin' 2006 shows video

ever wondered how crazy the world of art openings can get? really? ever want to delve beneath the insanity and swim through the murky water towards a better tomorrow? well, my camera and eye balls captured a video compilation of the raucous 2006 list of busy art openings .. to view, click here - enjoy the love .. cheers ..

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

new euro subway painting

just finished up a new piece from a milan train station .. the dude in the middle is dissolving, but the rest of the painting is holding steady .. god bless trip-to-fan .. cheers ..

Monday, November 20, 2006

Auction Fun - SOLD

at the accessible arts auction on friday night, two of my pieces were bid on several times and sold once the final bell rang at the end of the night .. one was 'piano stomp' and the other was 'the shape of things'. it was good times, as well .. the crowd was a bit thinner from last year, but the food was still right on par .. good night to soak up some beer bottles and see what the people are interested in .. i still can't put my mind around how those auctioneers get their rhetoric moving so damnned fast .. it's one of my most enjoyable parts of the auction experience .. tounge tied and in love - cheers.

Friday, November 17, 2006

anti-modern art teacher

was having a chat with an elementary art school teacher today and she mentioned that modern art is dumb, stupid and distracting .. so, as i worked on her computer i neglected to mention anything about my modern artwrok .. we're off to the accessible arts auction tonight .. come out and buy all my stuff .. (please?) - nighty-night

Monday, November 13, 2006

informal opening and auction action

the friday night affair at the blue koi turned into gilhouly's and was A+ - good work to everyone that showed, drank and laughed .. got a phone call on saturday from an individual interested in buying one of the pieces .. so, we'll wait and see what happens .. yesterday was slated to be the day of the KCPT art auction and i didn't see anything about an auction in the eve .. so, we'll see on that as well .. i have posted within a picture from the window of the blue koi of the window series - cheers

Friday, November 10, 2006

rendering from ago

mr. aaron fajen had a good time with a cover shot i had on the jan. '06 issue of 'the x' magazine .. very good work .. enjoy.

the nelson art disaster

i was talking to a teacher in the building here about field trips and recanted one i was on with a group from the YMCA several years back .. as a youth worker, i had a group of kids up in the chinese section when i heard a dull thud and kids running .. the damned kids knocked over a ming dynasty sculpture that threw security, the curator and others into a dazed glaze .. it was the worst, unpublicized accident in the museum's history and i was there to witness it .. as it happened, some boy pushed a girl as a joke into the pedestaled piece and created the nightmare .. the girl got off with a mere week of community service .. i'll never forget that room and that piece .. cheers.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

open house at blue koi - 11/10/06

we are going to have an informal open house at the blue koi this friday - 11/10/6 - to eat around the new hangning show .. again, here is a link to see it digitally - but come on down and have an egg plant pocket and bubble tea .. also, take a look at this site - it's pretty nice: click here

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

relic score

recently, my miles boy threw out an old newspaper on the floor tucked away in a cabinet downstairs .. as i pulled it up, i forgot all about a trove of 'black panther' papers my father-in-law acquired over the years .. some very nice graphic designing going on there in the late 60's to get the panther message to the masses in the most eloquent way possible .. carry on ..

Friday, November 03, 2006

koi show is hung

thanks to the kato for helpin' me hang the newly sprung november show at the blue koi .. the owner is happy and we are to .. it's a good looking ensamble and nice to see the window series up in full glory back on the friendly confines of the 39th street district .. first and foremost, i want to thank my lovely caroline for coming up with the window frame idea .. these pieces look real nice up against the sky blue wall .. and again, it takes a lot of work to curate and hang these shows .. almost harder than creating the piece to begin with .. between wires, positioning, measuring, plotting, moving, teetering on ladders - it's an insurance risk .. but, the bound enjoyment after the sweat has settled into the cotton is enormous .. click here to see this newest show and thanks for your continued support .. cheers -

Thursday, November 02, 2006

saw the yankovic circa 80's

i was thinking today about the good old days at the world's of fun amphitheater .. they used to cater to some pretty cool acts there in the mid 80's .. the best was wierd al yankovic doing his 'beat it' rendition to a throng of cheering kids hoping to catch his used banana peel .. saw a wrestling match with the iron shiek, as well .. it all looked real to me .. enjoy the amusements out there ..

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Blue Koi Show Moved to November '06

just got an offer today to move the promised Blue Koi show from July '07 to this month .. I'm gonna hang the show tomorrow afternoon and get the 39th Street crowd reared for the winter livin' .. go by the show and enjoy the new 'window pane' series .. click here to look at all the window pane pieces .. enjoy the newly bare branches out back ..

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

einstien pumpkin eyes

enjoy the tricks abound .. just attaching a pic of a pumpkin i helped my sister-in-law paint for a pumpkin contest .. put some eyes and wrinkles on an einstein smart headed pumpkin .. i just found out it came in 2nd place .. a lot like einstein's theroies these days .. eat up the merriment ..

Monday, October 30, 2006

4th grade space coaster

my earliest stab at making some drawing with color was likely this book that i found some weeks back in an old crate of school work .. it's a 'space adventure' and it's gonna smack the socks off your shoes .. click here to read swim the deep space experience ..

Sunday, October 29, 2006

art in me hometown

just had an old friend drop me a line about getting my stuff into several places on the downtown avenue in liberty, mo .. it'll be nice to be back in the hometown to throw some wares up onto the walls .. one is a jewelry shop and the other is a new italian eatery .. more detais as they arrive .. and by the way, sometimes when i'm not sure what to do on a blank google splash page, i parooze Salvador Dali .. i have always loved the surrealist movment and Dali is a great story .. i have some ideas that would be much better served as a surrealist imprint, rather than an impressionism/abstract .. something to aspire to on some level .. here's a nice Dali site: click here - enjoy the cold leafed up sunshine ..

Thursday, October 26, 2006

art got my art

a man by the name of 'art' came out to grandview yesterday to pick up my 'western auto' photo.paint piece for the televised KCPT auction that will take place in mid november .. last time around, someone bought my 'sunflowers' piece and the TV exposure was quite nice .. i think i liked the fact that a retired man named art had the gumption for public television pursuits to grab my goods for a well rounded cause .. so, tune into the auction - maybe your walls are needing a bit of the proverbial sprucing .. enjoy the mist out there .. cheers, matie

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


check out a bit of a pop op art ed piece i tossed together of my madre's high school yearbook photos .. click here to view .. i really like the digitized art scene .. dig those photoshop kids .. cheers

Tuesday, October 24, 2006 as a graph

there's a web developer out there that came up with a tool on converting any URL into a graph .. i plugged my site in there and got a system of dots with a clownish sort of face in the middle .. very cool site .. give 'er a shot .. click here to access the site .. and one more thing today - looks like our kids book 'bill painted the world blue' will be published and distributed by the holiday time .. click here to look at graphics of the book .. enjoy - joed.

Friday, October 20, 2006

leave with the leaves

gonna get some pics of the new window pieces here soon .. i really like the window frames as a framing option - cheap, cheerful, personal and can make any wall instantly have a window view .. i've attached a pic of my hand tossing leaves to get you in the fall mood .. i'm becoming a believer that if you live in the midwest that you should have several months off in the fall to catch up on the weather and your collective life .. here's to the falling embers of one of the coolest seasons going .. cheers ..

Thursday, October 19, 2006

new 7.07 show & unplaza video

hello kids .. the kato and i solidified a july 2007 show at the high traffic blue koi restaurant on 39th street .. it's one of the best eateries on the strip and should be a show full of sweat .. also, i have posted a new video on from the unplaza art fair submitted by our very own brother in action - tony carboni .. and it was much appreciated .. click here to watch - enjoy the spokes of new sunlight coming down out there .. not sure how long they're gonna last .. until next time - cheers ..

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

window painting world

gonna pitch a new show idea to a cool spot in the 39th Street district .. this is the 'european view' paintings that are in glassless window frames .. several are done and ready to be shown to the owner .. they came out just fine .. i really like the whole window idea of framing things .. really adds some character to the piece and ensures that every view from your window of choice is guaranteed each time .. from my window to yours - cheers, kids ..

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

gift shop cards & more auction action

got approval last week to put some photo. paint greeting cards up in the st. luke's south hospital gift shop .. this came after a clear letter to a local arts organization about not living up to their committment to get me a hanging at the hospital .. i'd rather do the cards anyways .. they are a buck apiece or 4 for $4 .. the plan is to drop them off this week .. also, i have just committed to donate my 'western auto' kansas city piece to KCPT for their upcoming holiday auction .. good luck out there ..

Thursday, October 12, 2006

paper foto fall

all this cold sunshine and fall color got me to buy an old 35 mm roll of 400 speed film the other day .. hard to stay indoors all day as the symphony of leaves fall collectively down without a lens eye to capture it .. STOP READING THIS & get out outside - - make a stack of leaves and throw your kid(s) or niece or nephew or the neighbor's kid smack in the center of that falling tree dust .. cheeeeers ..

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

waltzing toward the sistine chapel

while in rome back in 2000, i had the chance to parooze the vatican and the sistine chapel .. now, with these kinds of tourist jaunts, you want to get to the crux .. and to that end, i wanted a quick ushering to the sistine chapel to spend some time below the masterpiece .. it took an inordinate amount of time to actually get to the chapel because it's tucked in the back of all vatican art museums .. but, along the way, there were some amazing paintings and gallery rooms .. i had a hard time making my way to the chapel for enormity of art that was all over the walls leading up to the chapel .. take this link to view some of the work - Vatican Art Museums

Monday, October 09, 2006

a growing digitized dot

as i continue my pursuit to go completely digital, i realize that painting is one of the few things that will never be truly transposed into digital form from the inception .. later, some may be scanned or pictured and placed on the web, but it's one of the few things left that cannot be digitized from the beginning .. as i talked into a digital tape recorder on the way to work this morning, i waded through the enormity of our digital existence .. i really dig it, but it's all a bit sad that slips of paper, errant pieces of napkin and other tools of tangibility are leaving .. with the spirit of the pentax k1000 glaring me down .. in small ways, my tiny digitaized heart yearns for a real return to analog and it's gonna happen as soon as the digital seconds slow down some ..

Friday, October 06, 2006

@ now with anew thoughts

was thumbing through the pages of the 'best of .. ' in the pitch weekly for this past year and feel completely out of touch .. i noticed that tom deathrage of the 'late show' won an award for his home/gallery set-up .. well deserved for the craziest man raving about the kc scene .. stop by and check his shop out downtown .. i don't know his address, but if you stop around 8th street and listen for the strange sound in the background, just follow it and you'll get there .. more importantly, i ran into a very cool web site while jacking around a bit on the 'internets' .. the strokes have a nice set-up .. check it out: - that's all for now - joe d.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

who is buckethead?

that's all i got today .. seriously, he's some guitar guru dude that's in with axl rose and the innards of guitar squadron? come on, let me know .. i'll give you a hug .. bye, joe d.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

biggest art hoax i fell for

while cleaning up some emails off my machine the other day, i came across some for a program called 'CASH 4 BRASS' .. it was supposed to be a program where artists from around the world donated giclee reprints of their work with proceeds going towards replacing instrunments to musicians in new orleans .. it was a cool program that had a nice kick back, low overhead and a dude named 'GARCIA de San Juan' .. about a month after I sent over my hi-res images, their web site went off the radar .. the message said the following: 'you need to call accounts payable' .. and they didn't respond to their email address of '' .. before they pulled their tent poles out of the ground, they had a lot of committed artists on their web site .. now, the site was fairly cheesy, but i liked the cause and fell for it like all the other artists dotted around the globe .. as of press time, there has been no response and nothing in the way of recompensation from the 'con artits' .. i had signed on for a year contract, but they had a lot of my high res images and nothing to account for what these guys were up to .. it was so good, they forwarded on this radio interview with San Diego public radio about the launch of their kindred mission: Listen By Clicking Here .. it's all over now and my wondering will have to linger like a scattered line without end .. and how can you trust someone that spells their first name in ALL CAPS and sounds like a south american country .. it was worth a shot and i hope they send me an anonymous royalty check if something good befalls their illegal pandering of my imagery .. cheers, joe d.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

going across the US with Photo.Paint

about 6 months ago I spent some time trying to get into some other galleries around the US by sending out CD's to galleries .. here's a response I recently got below:

Thank you for sending the CD of your artwork for review. The work is very good but I do not think it is the right fit for Craighead Green Gallery. Good luck. Regards - Kenneth

gonna keep the candle flickered .. cheers ..

Monday, October 02, 2006

art in all our words

had a nice day off to find out what the hell happens during business hours .. and i was thinking briefly about where art is .. it's in plenty, but the following tugged my following: fart, chart, tart, BART (san francisco transit), dart, cart, heart, mart and part everything else .. diseect the words .. cheers, yes!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

new 'window' series

in an attempt to keep the 'photo.paint' theme evolving and freshened, i'm currently working on a new window series .. about a year or so ago, i found some old paint chipped windows that were being tossed by a home nearby .. so, i loaded them up in the jeep and have plans on filling the windows with some images i took on several trips to europe .. should be a nice series .. my cohort in art promotion, 'the kato', has agreed to try to push for a local show that will display all of these pieces .. once they are finished, i'll post them for all to enjoy .. take care of your thusday - cause it's also my thursday .. cheers.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

moon property & adopted penguin

my very delightful & inventive mother-in-law recently secured me an adopted magellanic penguin named po po mo jr. .. the penguin's name is a clone of the nickname i had as a kid growing up in the dimino household .. this fine specimine is living in the southern section of south america .. it's a cool gift and this penguin has found a good home .. along this same line, i got a hunk of moon property from dennis hope online about 10 years ago .. if things continue to go as they are in this volatile world of ours, i may have to buy a shuttle ticket, scoop up the family, fetch my penguin and blast off towards my lunar acre and live in zero gravity luxury .. i have attached a picture replica of my adopted penguin and here is a link to the lunar embassy in case you want to buy land on the moon or any of the other solar system planets - The Lunar Embassy - good luck space cadets - joe d.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

the smell of dried paints

had to transport several large scale oil paintings downtown today for an auction they are going to be in on november 17th .. as they sat in the back of my jeep all day long, the heat seared the smell of oil paints around the car .. it was delightful .. i'd like to look into making some air freshners for both home and vehicle with that delightful smell .. if you don't believe me, get a tube of standard artist oil paint and smear it on a surface .. let it dry for some time and enjoy the lift it gives to a room .. cheers .. joe d.

Monday, September 25, 2006

'in' at the 'Un' Plaza Art Flair

finished the first full art fair in my young art career and it was a very cool experience .. after all the work, loading, unloading, logistics and such, it was refreshing to see all the faces peer through my artwork on several tables and easels .. the weather was perfect and the crowd was quite impressive for the companion to the enormous plaza art fair .. and the crowd was very cool .. there was not one snide individual that paroozed through the grass aisles of my tent .. there were some people that were completely perplexed by my work, but that's commonplace with a portion of my pieces .. the fan favorites were the assemblage pieces that had a stack of plastic army guys hoisting weaponry at a plastic spider and plastic pool shark head .. the shark head sold on Saturday, while the spider came home with me .. almost sold it in the last 10 minutes on Sunday, but no go .. overall, it was a very nice 'first time art fair' experience and i want to extend my thanks to everyone that helped, paroozed, purchased, gawked, loaded, unloaded, babysat, enjoyed and mingled .. click here for more pics .. until next year, keep up the good work - joe d.

Friday, September 22, 2006

the starving artist quandry

just secured my tent for this weekend's unplaza art fair and again realized how hard it is to self-promote yourself as an artist .. sure, once the stuff is hung and everyone begins looking over the pieces, that exhaustion fades away, but there are many moments that i wonder what exactly am i doing .. sure, overall this is a long process when you are involved in any branch of the arts, but when it really eats away at your family time and personal time, it starts to knaw some .. i now know why many people have hung it up over the years .. creating artwork of any kind takes persistence and and stanuch belief in what you do .. if that can be maintained, the artwork and sales can prosper over time .. sure, i started out this jaunt in painting/photography without any money in mind - and still do - but there becomes a point that the melding of financial and personal motivations cross at the proverbial railroad track for a well rounded feeling of satisfaction .. this train is firing away forward towards that mark .. look forward to seeing you at the fair this weekend on the grounds the all souls/unitarian church & 4501 Walnut in KCMO from 10-6 on Saturday and 12-5 on Sunday .. cheers, joe d.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

1st Fair and Raining Thursday

while out putting some of the finishing touches on my first booth at an art fair, i couldn't shake the all day desire to be at home with my wife and kids .. it's a classic raining london day here in kc and the soft ooze of air around here would serve much better in home quarters .. enjoy the water out there .. and if you have to - drive fast and talk back to the cops .. cheers, joe d.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

slow, fair and auction imagery

things have slowed down some here towards the latter part of the year, but continue to trickle some as we approach the UnPlaza Art Fair this weekend .. i have agreed to donate for the 2nd year in a row to Accessible Arts in Kansas City, KS .. all proceeds go to art supplies for children with disabilities .. gonna drop my piece off to the appropriate drop points some time soon .. i have attached an image of the painting - cheers, joe d.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

i'm the new don

afternoon .. got a nice email about my work today, but was piggy backing off me giving them business .. but, they address me by the wrong name - so, does he want my business? did he even see my stuff? you can call me don if you'd like .. enjoy this one below, joe d.

Don, Hi, I wanted to let you know I really like your art. I'm an artist as well but most of what I do is commerical art. I produce art giclees for folks like you and wanted to offer my services. You may already have someone you're using for this and if so I understand. I've got more information on my website at: I also produce canvas art bags, printing the canvas, matching it with an appropriate inner cloth liner and sewing them all in house. Information on the art bags may be found at: Again, great work. Keep it up! -- Paul

Monday, September 18, 2006

ray j. and bathroom art

was listening to the newest chuck pahlinuik book 'haunted' and heard an excerpt about how bathroom art in art galleries is a big thing .. or has been in the past .. it's interesting, and hell, you really wanna get into a gallery it could be the best way to do it .. but, the story reminded me of the pop artist ray johnson .. my wife and i saw a documentary on him some months back and it was burned into my brain .. probably one of the best documentaries on a person that i have ever seen .. roy was a completely insane man that mailed sketches and artwork to people all over the globe .. he's called 'the father of mail art' .. his was work was intricate, prolific and completely memorable .. the movie was called 'how to draw a bunny' .. click here for more details - click here for a site on him .. enjoy, joe d.