Thursday, September 28, 2006

new 'window' series

in an attempt to keep the 'photo.paint' theme evolving and freshened, i'm currently working on a new window series .. about a year or so ago, i found some old paint chipped windows that were being tossed by a home nearby .. so, i loaded them up in the jeep and have plans on filling the windows with some images i took on several trips to europe .. should be a nice series .. my cohort in art promotion, 'the kato', has agreed to try to push for a local show that will display all of these pieces .. once they are finished, i'll post them for all to enjoy .. take care of your thusday - cause it's also my thursday .. cheers.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

moon property & adopted penguin

my very delightful & inventive mother-in-law recently secured me an adopted magellanic penguin named po po mo jr. .. the penguin's name is a clone of the nickname i had as a kid growing up in the dimino household .. this fine specimine is living in the southern section of south america .. it's a cool gift and this penguin has found a good home .. along this same line, i got a hunk of moon property from dennis hope online about 10 years ago .. if things continue to go as they are in this volatile world of ours, i may have to buy a shuttle ticket, scoop up the family, fetch my penguin and blast off towards my lunar acre and live in zero gravity luxury .. i have attached a picture replica of my adopted penguin and here is a link to the lunar embassy in case you want to buy land on the moon or any of the other solar system planets - The Lunar Embassy - good luck space cadets - joe d.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

the smell of dried paints

had to transport several large scale oil paintings downtown today for an auction they are going to be in on november 17th .. as they sat in the back of my jeep all day long, the heat seared the smell of oil paints around the car .. it was delightful .. i'd like to look into making some air freshners for both home and vehicle with that delightful smell .. if you don't believe me, get a tube of standard artist oil paint and smear it on a surface .. let it dry for some time and enjoy the lift it gives to a room .. cheers .. joe d.

Monday, September 25, 2006

'in' at the 'Un' Plaza Art Flair

finished the first full art fair in my young art career and it was a very cool experience .. after all the work, loading, unloading, logistics and such, it was refreshing to see all the faces peer through my artwork on several tables and easels .. the weather was perfect and the crowd was quite impressive for the companion to the enormous plaza art fair .. and the crowd was very cool .. there was not one snide individual that paroozed through the grass aisles of my tent .. there were some people that were completely perplexed by my work, but that's commonplace with a portion of my pieces .. the fan favorites were the assemblage pieces that had a stack of plastic army guys hoisting weaponry at a plastic spider and plastic pool shark head .. the shark head sold on Saturday, while the spider came home with me .. almost sold it in the last 10 minutes on Sunday, but no go .. overall, it was a very nice 'first time art fair' experience and i want to extend my thanks to everyone that helped, paroozed, purchased, gawked, loaded, unloaded, babysat, enjoyed and mingled .. click here for more pics .. until next year, keep up the good work - joe d.